RO 130

Demineralization unit for small size carwash sites.

Reverse osmosis process is not an old technology, but what makes the difference from a plant to another, is the right pre-treatments knowledge, that warrant a good plant work, and insure long life to reverse osmosis modules, and to the others components of this kind of systems. We have taken care to choose best components and best technical solution for its reverse osmosis plants. Solid skid, high pressure pump, membranes vessel, pressure gauge, regulation valves and pressure checkers are built in Stainless Steel AISI 316, those features are the top materials and solutions for industrial application. To insure a good work of the system, all of our plants, are provided of one simple controller, with an LCD display that communicate in real time all the data of the system, like conductivity, various alarm, pressure, permeate tank level, etc.

The mains water is first filtered, by a replaceable cartridge filter, in order to remove any suspended particles. A compact, high pressure pump then delivers the water to the reverse osmosis membrane.
The purified water then passes through the membrane to the treated water tank, where it is ready for use. The concentrate, containing all the removed minerals is directed to drain.

The complete plant is packaged in a stainless steel cabinet, and controlled by a dedicated microprocessor with a LCD display.

The high pressure pump is mounted on the main frame itself. The conductivity is automatically being measured. Fresh water first has to go via a water softener before entering the RO system.

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Brand: Rowafil
Type: RO 130
Frame: stainless steel
Capacity: 130 ltr/h
Number of membranes: 3
Incoming water pressure: 1 – 6 bar
Working pressure: 10-16 bar
Power supply: 230V – 0,37 kW
Dimensions 300 x 400 x 940H mm

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