GRU Partical Reclaim

Maybe you have already red our brochure of the Rowafil systems, but allow me to briefly describe the process.

  • The waste water from the wash bay is collected in the wash bay gully and flows from there into a sludge pit.
  • From the sludge pit the water will overflow into a pump pit, which has about the same size as the sludge pit. In this pit the grinder pump (this is a submersible pump with knives at the bottom) is placed.
  • The grinder pump transports the wastewater to the recycling unit. First the water passes through the hydro cyclones for filtration. The filtered water (90%) then flows to the attached black storage tank. The remaining water (10%) with the concentrated dirt flows back to the sludge pit. The filtration process achieves a value of 5 micron. The remaining water is not wasted, but stays in the process. The concentrated dirt particles settle down in the sludge pit.
  • The filtered water stays in the black storage tank until the carwash pump takes it away, only then the GRU system starts filling up the storage tank again. To prevent bad odour in the storage tank, small aeration tiles are placed on the bottom of the tank.

The end result is water suitable for reuse for chassis washing or high pressure pre-washing, prepping.

If a local situation with existing pits and / or interceptors deviates from the advised situation as indicated above, details should be sent to us to study for a full engineering into the most ideal installation based upon the given data.

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