GRU 4000

The GRU is a full mechanical reclaim system for car- and truck wash waste water for reuse. The filtered water can be used for chassis washing and high pressure prepping. The waste water gets cleaned in 1 step:

  1. Particles separation by hydro-cyclones;

The GRU works on demand; when the water level in the aerated storage tank gets low (because the carwash takes water), the GRU fills it up again.

Scope of supply

  • 1 Water tank 1.100 ltr. with flange (2" inner thread), executed in black PE.
  • 1 Blower 3,5 m3/h with valve.
  • 2 Aeration tiles and connecting hoses, pre-mounted in the water tank.
  • 2 Hydro cyclones 42 mm, 5 micron (0,005 mm).
  • 1 Manometer.
  • 1 Grinder pump with hose adapter and float switch.
  • 1 Level control NIS 3, with 3 levels.
  • 1 Closing valve 2" (for the water tank).
  • 1 Electrical cabinet.

This system is 'plug-and-play' ready, all the parts are connected and mounted, except the grinder pump and the control cabinet, on a stainless steel frame on the front of the water tank.

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Brand: Rowafil GRU
Type: GRU 4000
Capacity: 4.000 ltr/hour (1000 GPH)
Filter performance: 5 micron
Tank and cyclones: 1 tank of 1500 ltr. with 2 cyclones attached
Wall mount cabinat and small blower: 1
Floor dimensions: 1800x750x2000H mm
Sludge pit: 5000 ltr. minimum
Pump pit: 3000 ltr. minimum
Power supply 2,7 kW

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